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This database is maintained by the Community Disaster Preparedness Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit run by CERT Volunteer Coordinators (https://www.disasterprep.org) for the purposes of supporting, building, and organizing disaster preparedness in the City of Los Angeles.

Contact information collected by LAFD Fire Fighters during LA City CERT Classes are considered property of LA City and for privacy purposes are not shared with CERT Volunteer Coordinators who organize neighborhood teams, put on trainings, drills, and community meetings.  In order to be contacted by your CERT Coordinator, you must provide your information to them directly.  

Information you submit to this database will be shared with your LA City CERT Bureau and Battalion Coordinators so that they may contact you and let you know what's going on in your area.
Any information you provide to this database will be held in the strictest of confidence.
This database will be shared only with CERT Leadership and not be given or sold to anyone else.

Complete as much of this as you feel comfortable providing, the more complete record we have for you, the better we can place you with your neighborhood team. 

Communities are larger geographic divisions (Mt. Washington, Highland Park, Sylmar, Tujunga, etc.)
Nextdoor Neighborhoods are smaller recognized divisions of a larger Community (Jessica Neighborhood, Garvanza, Rose Hills, etc.) and as the field suggests, usually defined on nextdoor.com
If you live in LA City, you can use this site to find your Fire Station and Community information: https://neighborhoodinfo.lacity.org/

The LAFD CERT Zello Network is a two-way radio system on your phone that we are using to communicate.  You must request an account from us to access our Network.  Free accounts that you set up on your own will not work.
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What Fire Station First-In do you live in? Look it up at: https://neighborhoodinfo.lacity.org/
What LA City Neighborhood do you live in? Or what non-LA City?
LAFD CERT Radio Communication Network, request account at https://aka.my/BJg
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